Trust Token v2 demos

Warning! From version 92, Chrome has used TrustTokenV3. These demos are being updated to work with that implementation.

The Trust Token Redeemer demo will currently result in a DOMException: Precondition failed during Trust Tokens operation.

We're working on a fix.

These demos show Trust Token issuance and redemption using v2 of the JavaScript API and libtrusttoken to create an issuance service.

Trust Tokens is a new API to convey trust from one context to another without passive tracking, in order to help combat fraud and distinguish bots from real humans.

Trust tokens enable an origin to issue cryptographic tokens to a user it trusts. Tokens are stored by the user's browser, and can later be redeemed in other contexts to confirm that the user is a real human. For example, authenticity established for a user on a social media or email site can be conveyed to another site such as a news publisher or online store.

Please note: These demos do not provide code suitable for production use. The Trust Tokens API is still experimental, and is undergoing an origin trial in Chrome. The Trust Tokens API and the demos may change without notice at any time.

This is not a Google product.

How to run the demos

  1. Open the 🕵️ Trust Token Redeemer demo with Chrome 87 or later.
  2. Click Click me to continue.
  3. If your browser doesn't have a token, click the Issuer link.
  4. Click Yes I'm a Human to issue a new token.
  5. Return to the 🕵️ Trust Token Redeemer demo.
  6. Click Click me to continue again.

The video below shows the demos in action.








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